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Finally, it makes sense. Fall Out Boy "Sugar, We're Going Down"

Explanation of 'god complex' ref Fall Out Boy 'loaded god complex cock it and pull it ' lyric from 'Sugar Sugar we're going down'

That's just what makes him so adorable

I made my sister listen to "The Phoenix" and she's goes "wow the singer sounds badass" and I started laughing my ass off. She goes "why are you laughing" and I show her a picture of Patrick and go "that's the singer" and she just facepalms.

OH<<<*ew<<< I love the people on the internet xD

Lol my cousins name is josh and hes 18 and still doesnt have a job so every time that line comes up, me and my other cousin scream his name at the endXD

What A Catch Donnie - Fall Out Boy <3 this is beautiful

What A Catch Donnie - Fall Out Boy Awww, my god, FOB has so many sides, you've got a song like "What a Catch" and then you've got a song like "Save Rock and Roll" where Patrick sings 'so f*** you you can go cry me an ocean'.

SOMEBODY ELSE UNDERSTANDS!!! Literally nobody else I know has listened to Golden and it kills me<<< same. It's so... Wow

Instagram Post by flo and al and cait sometimes (@doshuajun)

People say What a catch is sad when Golden is just like (●__●) Fall Out Boy gots some dark thoughts