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coquillage nautile sur la plage

COQUILLAGES de fin d’été pour la Ronde de Lylouanne !

Shell- portion of the OS (Operating System) that relates to the user and applications


"Embellished Nautilas Shell" by Tiffanyannegifts on Etsy is no longer there. the shell itself is simply awe-inspiring. I have never seen such a gorgeous purply-white pearlescence-iridescence before.


Polymitas snails of Cuba. This unique tree snail is only found on the easternmost province of Oriente on the island of Cuba. So rare it is now considered endangered.

Nacre shell. An example of beauty and intricate design. This shows the detail of planned order.

"Shells are Swell – Beautiful Examples of Seashell Photography, by Warren Krupsaw" -- This is one of the most beautiful examples of pearlescence that I've come across. Click through for gorgeous shell photos, with an essay about how to photograph shells.

Freneixicardia victor Giant !  NEW CALEDONIA  (Angas,1872)    Size           : 51,3mm    Quality      : GEM-    Locality     : New Caledonia, Koumac  Scuba diving -40m.

Size : Quality : GEM- Locality : New Caledonia, Koumac Comments : Scuba diving

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Found one today on Ocracoke Island My favorite shells are the Welk. Male Welk shell the only left handed shell in America Female Welks have a lighter color. Seashell with reflection ~~~