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The sight of you never fails to put a smile on my face ^_^

This describes my relationship perfectly. He does it because he knows it drives me crazy!

don't go for the guy who sucks up to you. Go for the guy who pisses you off on a daily basis and yet you still find yourself crazy in love with him.

sayings. I do that all the time.

i want to be the girl he smiles at and turns to his friend and say "that's her.

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"Everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow." I'd edit this and say, "I'm luck to have found someone who helps me look forward to tomorrow.

Wedding Singer... love it! prolly the only girl to ever walk down the aisle to this song ha

The Wedding Singer. My favorite Adam Sandler movie. And my favorite song from the movie

With all my heart!

Keep trying.

I really do want my husband to be my best friend. With that said, I don't want it to be my best guy friend, I know that won't work." He is my best friend!

things happen for a reason | Tumblr

like the time I wanted a certain job, and the one I got was better. Or the time I wanted to get pregnant and when I did the time was so much better. Yeah, like that.

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I will never regret the things i did wrong. I will only regret the good things I did for the WRONG people. - Oh my, I like this.

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Grateful To Be My Daughters’ Mom

Beyond the Cammies: Printables Every single day I am grateful for you.

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Just because today is a terrible day doesn't mean tomorrow won't be the best day or your life, you just gotta get there.

Psalm 13:5-6  Dee's Bugaboo Boutique

But I trust in Your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in You salvation. I will sing of the Lord's praise for He has been good to me.

I wanna be your last.....

I used to always dream of being someone's "first" love, wife, whatever, but this is SO true! You don't have to be the one that got away, be the one they love forever :-)

If only so many flavors weren't my favorite. Hence why I shall follow in Elizabeth Taylor's footsteps.

You're my favorite ice cream flavor.


It’s crazy, because I don’t even know when you became so important to me. It’s like watching a snowstorm. You see the flakes falling, but you don’t realize how they’re adding up. Then suddenly, your.


Hold my hand and let's conquer the world.