I love water marble nails!

Cool flower water marbled nails

Happy Weekend Everyone! I knew I'd create a water marble with some of the OPI Euro Centrale colors as soon as I got my hands on them.

Water Marble FIVE Nails, One Cup by ProfessionalDQ | | What a time saver this is!

Use room temperature water and nail polish to paint your nails easily and quickly.

The Nail Network: Zoya Beach Water Marble

Water Marble with Zoya Beach Collection Lara, Tracie, Arizona, Wednesday zoya-nail-polish-fan-swatches-and-collections

candy swirl :P

020592366b345448223eba8bdf3ba41a.jpg 480×640 pixels

020592366b345448223eba8bdf3ba41a.jpg 480×640 pixels

PackAPunchPolish: Star Burst Water Marble Nail Art

PackAPunchPolish: Star Burst Water Marble Nail Art how to!

Summer Nail Art

Put water in a bowl, drop random colors of nail polish in and swirl with toothpick. put petroleum jelly on your fingers so the polish only sticks on nails not your fingers. Stick fingers in bowl, nail polish should float on top of water.


Enjoyable And Easy Xmas Candy Cane Nail Styles

Mustache on Pink

Light Pink Nails W/ Black Mustache Art, Pretty Funny. I Love Black Nail Art Over Light Pink Nails.