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#midnightkiss #diamondcandles

#midnightkiss #diamondcandles

The person who posted this said it isn't one of the $5000 rings, but it sure could have fooled me.  That's the excitement of the diamond candles.  :)

Diamond Candles are so awesome!

Kitti: "...smells absolutely wonderful. This is a real diamond in my ring. It is stamped with 14kt white gold and has a 1ct also stamped inside. It is a solitaire brilliant cut and my moms jeweler says it is worth About 2000 dollars to 3500.. I sent it off today to be re sized. When i go to pick it back up he will have appraisal certificate for it also. I'm still so excited I found a real diamond. I have bought more then 20 candles... I love all my rings."

Diamond Candle- "This is a real diamond in my ring. It is stamped with white gold and has a also stamped inside.

Pumpkin Chai  @diamond Candles just saying if anyone bought me this i would love you forever. lol

Pumpkin Chai Candles Bought this for my daughter and she loves it.

Diamond Candles. A candle with a ring in it!

Wow what an amazing gift idea! With each around 24 dollars this is exactly what I want for my birthday!

Love the smell of cupcakes, and love this ring. Beautiful :)

cupcake diamond candle and ring that came out of it