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This site has TONS of kid friendly science experiments that would be perfect for the box of science experiments!

Kids Science Experiments - Kids Science Projects fun, easy, and exciting. The experiments actually demonstrate the concept they intend.

melting ice with salt and water - happy hooligans. This site has many more great play ideas also!

Ice Age Bin - awesome salt, ice and water experiment for kids

Time for Play: Water Wall and Ice Balls

Time for Play: Water Wall and Ice Balls, but where to put the containers. SUCKS having block walls!

Science for Kids Liquid Lab Experiment Testing Oil & Water Oil & Vinegar Oil, vinegar, and baking soda Oil & Bubble Solution

Science for Kids - Experiments ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose Coloured water dripped into oil ( baby oil or vegetable oil)

Kitchen Pantry Scientist  fizzy balloons  magic potion  alien monster eggs  magic marker chromatography  red cabagge litmus paper  cornstarch goo  marshmallow catapults  petri plates  tie die milk  sugar-water gradients  mentos geyser  nasa soda straw rockets  carbon dioxide experiment  pop rockets

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist shows her homemade science lab - great kit for Brownies working on the Home Scientist badge

bottle babies - loose parts in play space

Bottle Babies - and the Benefits of Loose Parts for Play

Science experiments

A giant list of super fun science experiments to do with kids with simple household items. (How To Make Slime With Household Items)