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pokemon cards original series

Pokemon Card English Error and Misprint List/Guide UPDATED 2014

Top 10 Rarest and Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Of All Time


Funny pictures about Batman Mustache. Oh, and cool pics about Batman Mustache. Also, Batman Mustache photos.

if you ever feel dumb or sad, remember these people exist..

Whenever you have a bad day.just remember that you aren't any of these people. This is hilarious but sad and scary all at the same time.

El acuerdo entre #HTC y #Apple se rompería si alguna es vendida

Today, HTC is a total wreck and suffers the consequences of its negligence. Due to this catastrophic turn of events, I wouldn’t wager my life on HTC’s success before the year ends.

Who is stealing what ?

The truth is often uncomfortable, but understandable if we use objective data to interpret it rather than use our whimsical thinking to judge.


Apple: why spend money on R, when you can just use other people's and spend the cash on marketing instead?

#Nielsen: Two Thirds of New #Mobile Buyers Now Opting For #Smartphones    http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/online_mobile/two-thirds-of-new-mobile-buyers-now-opting-for-smartphones/

Teens grab up smartphones faster than other age groups A new study shows 58 percent of U. teen mobile owners have a smartphone instead of a feature phone. Overall, smartphone owners opt for Android devices over iPhone and BlackBerry.

Google Image Result for http://cdn.techanalyzer.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Boycott-Apple.png

Google Image Result for http://cdn.techanalyzer.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Boycott-Apple.png