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You Won’t Believe the Heroic Things These 14 Dogs Have Done

You Won't Believe the Heroic Things These 14 Dogs Have Done

Roselle, the Hero and Guide Dog, who led her blind owner and others down 78 flights of stairs in Tower One of the World Trade Center moments before it collapsed. If you want the whole story read Thunder Dog. what a great story!


My name is Ellie (red dog) and I will whine and cry if Izzie (white dog) is getting attention and I’m not. Today I have taken it to a new level. This is totally my sisters dog Harley. She is such a brat.

I'm ready for my glamour shot !  ♥ adorable dog pic

To snag homes, shelter pets get glam makeovers

В Корольковом саду откроют контактный зоопарк с пони и ослами Подробнее http://www.saratov.kp.ru/online/news/2699897/ #Саратов #СаратовLife

This tiny horse beat the odds by just making it to its first birthday. Koda, an American miniature horse, was also born as a dwarf.

::: unlikely friendships between bear and dog. Lorr

Photos: Dog, bear hug An orphaned bear cub wandered into a family’s back yard in Podvrh, Slovenia about a month ago. The family has not officially adopted the bear cub, named Medo, but they and their.

Cats stuck in things I almost peed my pants laughing

Cats stuck in stuff.

Some may think it mean to laugh, but i just split my sides laughing when cats get themselves in these predicaments.

I like this

If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck. AFLAC it's a duck!

Husky puppy

This is a short tale of the day we found our little friend Chuckie, the groundhog (woodchuck). Make sure if you ever run across an injured or abandoned animal that you contact the proper wildlife rehabilitation.