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Every book is a Tardis

13 Clever Signs That Will Make You Want To Buy A Book

A book is actually just a Tardis. Awesome signs outside Kaleido Books & Gifts in Perth, Australia that will make you want to read!

“I’m being extremely clever and there’s no one to stand around looking impressed!”

Doctor Who: Gifts & Merchandise

“I’m being extremely clever and there’s no one to stand around looking impressed! What is the point of having you all?

Aw wwwww

Some parents let their kids believe in Santa Claus. these parents let their kids believe in the Doctor

Drunk texter vs whovian texter

Why you should never drunk text a whovian. I am crying right now. I'm laughing so fucking hard. I need someone to drink text me so I can pull this shit.

Doctor who and Disney princesses.

Doctor Who Meets Disney Princesses by Karen Hallion

"Oh my doctor who & disney princess'!" Yup cause Jack Skellington is a Disney princess and I'm fairly certain little red isn't a Disney princess either.<<< NMBC Jack is a princess. The doctor is a princess. Everyone is a princess.

Doctor Who

Actually, it's "The Doctor" . But I really like the quote. Actually, this was said by Vincent Van Gogh in the show Doctor Who. The Doctor didn't say this.

Un libro es cómo la  T. A. R. D. I. S.

Every book is a tardis, innocuous on the outside, bigger on the inside and able to transport you through time and space.

I'm Filled with Tiny Aliens | HUMAN. Well this shirt needs to be had.

I'm not fat, I'm filled with tiny aliens, called adipose. Rock this nerdy doctor who shirt and explain the truth behind your body shape. I'm Filled with Tiny Aliens