Cute "under the sea" themed lunch idea!

Ocean themed lunch box with goldfish, dolphin sandwiches, and tangerine boat.

Sunflower Sandwich · Edible Crafts | #produceforkids

Sunflower Sandwich

Sunflower snacks - this site has great kid food ideas! 1 slice orowheat, cream cheese, raisins, 2 slices of cheese, green pepper

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How much would your kid die of happiness when he saw this at Age 5 and then die of embarrassment when he saw this at age 13. muahahahahaha....

Lunch with personality! From the very creative Lisa Storms "I just cut off the crust from the sides and bottom beginning where the loaf dips in. The eyes are slices of marshmallow with edible marker.

Apple surprise!  Slice an apple, carve a "hole" lengthwise to lay a gummy worm through, spread both flat ends of the halves with peanut butter and seal it up!

Squirmy, Wormy Apple Snack with peanut butter & gummy worm.another BOY snack


Peanut butter toast sandwich cut into initial. Cup of yogurt with chocolate chip initials. Cheerios and tiny hippos cut out of peaches for garnish.

Floating Fish:  Put blue tinted cream cheese on a rice cake. Add goldfish for a fun snack for ocean or fish theme.

pinner says: This is a popular snack among the kids I work with: a rice cake with blue dyed whipped cream cheese and gold fish on top! It's called 'Fish in a Pond'.

Great for some of my friends with little boys.  Imagine the looks on their faces when they open the lunch box!  :0)

Awesome mom is awesome.

Professor Nuttkins demands that his home chef cut his sandwiches into squirrel shapes.

Letter from a mom to her kids about creative home lunches. Squirrel_Sandwich--something I would never do.

nice More Than 150 Snack Ideas For Kids

More Than 150 Snack Ideas For Kids

Heart Apple Sandwiches | Recipe By Photo

easy apple heart sandwiches - love this more for the idea for heart apple slices than the sandwich itself.