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Will get eventually.

Photo 5 / 11 : 10 photos qui prouve que piercing rime avec style

10 photos qui prouvent que piercing rime avec style

I love smiley piercing, as it's unusual and attractive! A nice person with a pretty smile plus a smiley piercing means a totally adorable and beautiful person

9 Beautiful & Happy Smiley Piercings with Aftercare procedure

9 Beautiful & Happy Smiley Piercings with Aftercare Procedure. Such a cute, simple piercing, and you don't see the scar.

Ear Piercings

Tragus ear Piercing and Anti-Tragus Ear Piercing - Definition And The Difference Between The Anti-Tragus And The Tragus Type Of Ear Piercing.

Makes me want a tongue ring... lol this is awesome!

Tongue piercing that looks like a pill. I'd never pierce my tongue, but I still thought this was pretty cool. - find it ironically funny since i take so many pills a day!

pinterest: @xpiink ♚

Are you interested in body modification? Ear piercing is one of the best kind of it. Having piercings in different parts of your ear other than your lobes

I want angel bites and snake bites...but I'd only ever wear one pair at a time. P:

Beautiful examples of lip piercings


Double Naval (Belly Button) Piercing Just done today and I& in love! Had the top but the bottom just perfects it.


With my elf ears this would be crazy! I just realized I am finally in a place where I am actually proud of my weird elf ears and would actually do this (maybe lol). Not long ago I wouldn't even wear my hair up unless I absolutely had to!

i know this isn't a tattoo but its a great tip for piercing

ear piercing placement diagram- i have matching lobes done and a cartilage. i really want my tragus done

awesome body illusions

Awesome body painting illusions