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Bucket list: bake an apple pie (from scratch)

bake a pie from scratch (checked off July 25, 2015 - I didn't make the bottom crust but it still counts!)

4 Ways to Get a Perfect Golden Pie Crust

We start to drool at the very mention of pie. But what really gets us in trouble is that first glimpse of shiny, golden-brown pie crust. We just know it’s going to be good. Here’s how you can get a perfect, drool-worthy golden pie crust every time.

spend an entire day baking [ ]

Bucket List - Spend an Entire Day Baking (Literally my dream)

Before ι Dιe


And, I have a great recipe for tiramisu brownies.

Have you seen my ass.. Of course.. DONE

How to make fair fare at home! For those of you who are unfamiliar, funnel cake is the love child of pancakes and doughnuts! Basically, pancake batter is poured through a funnel into hot oil and deep fried until golden brown.

✔️Bucket list try a beignet

try beignets (like Princess and the Frog)

Before I die, I want to ...

Try pumpink spice latte. Completed December 2014 --- didn't really like it

Pretty much already done with @GraceCatheriine  that one night

a couple more times won't hurt ;

Starting this one today 23 March 2014 no fast food for at least a month.

stop eating fast food for at least a month// I use to eat it at least once a week when I was younger. As I got older I stopped eating fast food so much.

Try food from all over the world. http://www.facebook.com/unisouthdenmark

Inspiring picture before i die, bucket list, food. Find the picture to your taste!

Already have. Let's change this to--as many times as possible :)

Read all of the Harry Potter books. Well I'm going to read them soon. after the series I'm reading

in a jar and bring them in the house and see them glow! must be done

Sounds easy, but would be fun to do with fireflies are my goal to catch and trap. (If possible, put the fireflies in some sort of mason jar!) I'll make sure to release them all!

#226- Go on a Disney cruise. Because Disney is awesome, so if you add in traveling and water, my mind is blown! :D

Really want to go on a Disney cruise. I've been on a cruise before, but never a Disney cruise.

I can't wait to check these off!

autumn-whimsy: “ Guess what I finished way way way too just a tad bit early. I used all of your suggestions and made them into a fall/autumn 2013 bucket list! I plan on making a second bucket list, as.

With the exposure of so many cuisines and receipes at finger tips trying your own recipe can require a lot of efforts

i want to make 47534 new recipes (:


this is incredible and I can check this off my bucket list! I made it and it was delicious :)