I love Zac efron I like him is so cute handsome guy he's a good looking guy : ) I wanna meet Zac efron : ) he's my favorite guy

Those eyes

Liam Hemsworth graces the March cover of GQ Style Australia looking every bit the dreamboat. The actor – and boyfriend of Miley Cyrus – talks about missing his family, surfing, and his co-star Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games.

“The entertainment business as it has been is not going to be around that much longer. The way it’s going is, there’s going to be artists, and they’ll make their s–t, and they’ll connect to their audience, and you don’t need any of the middlemen—the studios or the agents.” - Joseph Gordon Levitt

joseph gordon-levitt / GQ august 2012 Yes I will shamelessly buy this magazine for little reason other than jgl is gracing the cover. and maybe ill let collin read it haha

Well dressed: Norman Reedus (l), Zac Efron (c) and Kit Harrington (r) were handsome in the...

Red carpet arrivals at 75th annual Golden Globe Awards

Well dressed: Norman Reedus (l), Zac Efron (c) and Kit Harrington (r) were handsome in their all black suits

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