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Hahahaa!!! Classic™

The quote is funny not because of it's narcissistic tone, but for its complete disregard for the rules of grammar.

so have sex with me, then make me food, and let me nap.

i like three things: sex, eating, and sleeping. in that order

Lmao @Weezer Watkins Walck

Funny Confession Ecard: Some people should be very thankful that I can control the crazy. Very thankful!

These are pretty entertaining most of the time LOL

Happiness is finding half a bag of gummy bears in the bottom of your purse.

@Rebekah Ahn Sheppard Burke @Susie Sun Sun Padilla @Dena Aksel Aksel Quezada @Michelle Flynn Flynn Goucher

This salad tastes like I'd rather be fat. Hahahahahaha, so damn true!

Feeling you up and down

Feeling you up and down

can't figure out how they're doing it!

I child-proofed my house but they still get in. Refrigerator Magnet - I child proofed my house but they still get in - Shop By Slogan

Funny Friendship Ecard: What did the ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing they just waved.

I love it when people underestimate the power of a real Bitch.