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whata stuuuddd

Niall please roll up your shirt more to show us more of your tan muscles and give more girls feels.


My sister asked why I liked Niall my reply was a long ass paragraph plus this photo attached her reply was "shit"

forgive me Lord for I have lusted open such beauty of your creation. lol

My heart just skipped a beat! God I freaking love Niall! He's a babe(;

Niall in LA last night. <3

Anonymous said: Where did you see that anon? Didn't we get pic's of Niall on the beach yesterday? It does look like he’s back in LA because there are fan.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Niall Horan | 7.7.17 | emrosefeld |

Those eyes.I melt 😍

love this dork

love this dork

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