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i wanna try this! Banana Jump!!! @Kathryn Cothern @Carlee Cothern @Meagan Bolds

35 Summery DIY Projects And Activities For The Best Summer Ever

Madrhiggs will be an economy created by the beating of your hearts, full of love. How to Take Remarkable Photos Everywhere - 35 Summery DIY Projects And Activities For The Best Summer Ever


vintage photo of dancers by Vladimir Tolman 1930 / women's athletic body / jump / strenght / balance / dance

Hello. I am Dawn, Goddess of sunrise. People tend to forget about me, I am quietand prefer solitude

bohemian silhouette I know someday you'll have a beautiful life. I know you'll be the sun.in someone else's sky

Love summer

Give me Summer. I'm tired of drama and fighting with people I thought would be there for me I just want to be free from homework. I want to spend every waking moment at the beach and make it the best summer ever

Love Your Body Now Meditation

Love Your Body Now Meditation Learning to love your body right now, in this very moment is a major challenge for some of us. We feel that we must DO certain things in order for us to get to a place.

Free spirits

The call of seagulls on a sunny day always makes me think of holidays at the beach

365 Days A Year and Loving Every Minute of It

Balloons bring such joy! Join Kim Caldwell, aka Kimmay for a photo session with colorful balloons in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Plus beautiful balloon photos!

beach, girl, sea, sun - inspiring picture on Favim.com

pretty hair girl beautiful summer motivation dream body sun nature thinspiration amazing beach waves ocean sea sweet color Sunlight summer 2012 horizon note to self caught the sun.


Just explains dance! "Set your spirit free. Dance is a great tonic for the soul. Dance and forget about everything, put thought aside and just let the feel good feelings soar within you"


use to spend hours at the beach doing underwater handstands with my sis .