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Drive On: Show us your favorite bumper sticker

Go ahead . Try it I dare u to.) pretty much how I felt when someone drew on my truck.you're lucky I never found out who you were!

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haha this was on my 86 Cherokee

I'm Driving A Stick Shift. We're On A Hill. Do You Really Want To Be Close Enough To Read This? Vinyl Decal for Cars,Macbook, Etc 8189 Hahahaha. People suck at driving 🙄

ford truck. Dad and Mom would load up us kids and our friends in the back of the truck and take us to the creek just outside of town for an afternoon of fishing and swimming. What a thrill it was when he would drive over a bump in the road. We would holler with delight.

Red Ford Truck, 1950 vintage, color art for wall, retro home decor, crimson, teal blue, bright green, picture for playroom, boys room print

Red Ford Truck- Vintage Truck Photo- Wall Art- Home Decor- Office Decor- Masculine- The Sunday Drive, via Etsy. We once had a turquoise 64 Chevy.


Yeah but I bet a Toyota can go threw any mud pit better than any chevy ford dodge or gmc plus you can beat the crap out of Toyota's and they will still last forever. Meanwhile Fords are found on road dead and fall apart not even halfway threw a mud pit!


Kurt cobain taught me that line, daddy taught me the meaning with his chevy😘

VERY first thing I ask a guy! What kind of truck do you drive?

He better answer with a Chevy;) ford i would compromise with.Dodge is a big no no!

I have loved fords since I was a baby and I am not giving up on it ford is my fav trucks

I have loved fords since I was a baby and I am not giving up on it ford is my fav trucks


vintage humorous metal Chevy sign Oh if this had DODGE! I hate fords

Sometimes you just need a good laugh to get you back to a happy place and I have searched the endless depths of the internet to make sure a smile appears on your face.

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