Suomalainen :)

We've been creating friendships since our opening in and have continued to do so to this day. Since its creation, Hearts been a space for hockey fans and players to come and share their love of the game with one another.

HOCKEY ~ Let's Go Pens!!!!!

To quote my favorite NHL writer, John Buccigross, "The NHL is clearly a better sport than the NFL which is slow and plodding with very little action. It is a once a week culture based on large consumption of food, alcohol, and gambling.

Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin (bottom right)

basically yeah only like flower and talbo or nealer and geno well and any hockey bromance

hockey humor...don't have a clue, but I bet Pher thinks its hilarious

No one likes a hooker- I want this shirt! Where can I find one? i feel like this could be a fantastic bday gift for the hubby!

Only hockey lovers would understand

I've seen that happen twice in one game, coach had to go wipe the goalies face off.

hockey fights

okay so basketball fight = sissy fight hockey fight when its flyers vs. penguins or blackhawks vs.