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yayyy <3

i'd rather not think of him as a "hot piece of irish ass", but as Niall.


I like that name, Darcy Styles. Louis and Harry will have the cutest little girl:)

Truth. It bugs me when they randomly say it though when no one asks them what they thought of One Direction...

I with I could say this was true, but I lash out.nobody talks bad or insults my boys.


Move over Harry Styles, Niall Horan has landed. We asked you who your favourite One Direction member was and you chose the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Irish one. Now Guilty Pleasures takes a look at why you voted Niall Horan your number one boy.

I hope this day doesn't come. Only Niall is single now, whew good thing<<<< hold up. So Haylor is true?!?

Haha my reaction exactly! someone told me Haylor was confirmed today. but with a lot of dreaming,crying, and rolling around on the floor in front of the class.