I'd probably never do this but it's still so pretty.

OMG this is one of my most favoritest hair colors! Makes me torn, should i dye mine cotton candy pink like this? Or the dark hot pink ive done before?

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Clinker Truffles

cool light pink hair tips Bleach Blonde Hair With Pink Dip Dye Jttdskc Long Hairstyle ideas

Blue Purple Braid

If I wasn't born with an awesome hair colour, I would probably have blue hair this day and forever. Sadly I do have an awesome hair colour. Maybe in another life.

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colorful blue and purple hair

Big Pink Ombre Temporary hair Dye Set

I love a color ombre! I like how that picture is outside to contrast the colors of the hair. Most pictures of color ombre makes the ombre look dull because of the background. This time its outsideeeee c:

Pastel Pink Hair

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