Yougoslavie, 1953 © Marc Riboud

Words of wisdom, touching inspiration and a set of timeless photographs from one of the great photographic visionaries of the (and century

© Marc Riboud

Yougoslavia, A young girl wears a "bikini" in Dubrovnik small streets, under the disapproving look of her grandmother

by Marc Riboud

For more than 60 years, Marc Riboud has collected the humor, grace, anguish and beauty of fleeting moments around the world.


In Memoriam: Marc Riboud, 1923 - 2016

Street scene of Beijing, 1965 © Marc Riboud and Magnum Photos fenêtres d'antiquaire


vintage photo of dancers by Vladimir Tolman 1930 / women's athletic body / jump / strenght / balance / dance

#Paris et son histoire sous l’oeil du photojournaliste, #MarcRiboud, parmi les…

Photographie : Paris par Marc Riboud

During May there was a large-scale strike all over France to protest against the De Gaulle government.

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