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RISSLA Paperikori - IKEA

IKEA - RISSLA, Wastepaper basket, You can place the wastepaper basket on a flat surface or hang it on a wall.The surface can withstand sun, scratching and rubbing without losing colour.

SOLVINDEN Barra/ilum solarLED  - IKEA

SOLVINDEN LED solar-powered ground stake IKEA Easy to use because no cords or plugs are needed.

Organizadores - Organizadores de Ropa - IKEA

SKUBB Box IKEA Handle on one side makes the box easy to pull out. Two boxes fit side by side in a 39 wide wardrobe frame.


IKEA - IKEA PS Magnetic board, Perfect for notes and messages.Together with the wall rail and the other accessories in the IKEA PS 2014 series you can create different combinations to suit your needs and your home.

Work hard stay humble...one of my fav quotes of all time ~Notorious B.I.G.

Work Hard Stay Humble is a great quote to live by, and now you can have it on your wall to inspire you, at home or in the office. This excellently designed typography quote has a effect to it to make it really pop!

PLUGGIS Caja con tapa - 27x24x16 cm  - IKEA

PLUGGIS Box with lid IKEA Suitable for storing your DVDs, games, chargers, remote controls or desk accessories. Have a bunch in closet now may be good under bed storage containers with new bed setup

GRUNDTAL Recipiente - IKEA

GRUNDTAL Recipiente, ac inox

IKEA - GRUNDTAL, Container, Helps free up space on your countertop while keeping cooking utensils close at hand.


IKEA - OMVÄXLANDE, Tray, Inspired by early industrial design. The stamp in the middle represents the place where IKEA was founded and where all products are still

DRÖNA Caja - negro - IKEA

DRÖNA Caja, negro

IKEA - DRÖNA, Box, black , Easy to pull out and lift as the box has handles.Perfect for everything from newspapers to clothes.When you don’t need the box and want to save space, simply open the zipper in the bottom and fold it flat.

RISSLA Magazine file - IKEA I WANT

IKEA - RISSLA, Magazine file, The surface can withstand sun exposure, scratches and rubbing without losing its color.