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Turtle Surfing Thursdays by justin_jacobs

Surf Art by Phil Roberts | Phil Roberts Art

Baby Sea Turtle acryllic from Phil Roberts (Phil Roberts Studio)

sea turtle

Green Sea Turtle haunts a Caribbean shoal National Geographic


I want to surf big waves! Tag a friend that you want to go surfing with! Photo cred: by beforeidie

Swimming with the turtles, Grand Cayman

Zanzibar, Tanzania LOL Still off Tanzania my love? Is really was not so bad was it *efg*

Sea Turtle Kiss

Sea Turtle Kisd - Tap the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

Sea turtles are fun little sea friends. Do you think he likes mermaids?

30 Stunning Pictures Of Sea Turtles

SPEAK OUT! Tell President Obama and the U. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management "NO" to the use of sonic cannons to locate oil deposits beneath the ocean. The impacts on marine life will be DEVASTATING! PLZ Sign and Share!

Clark Little Photography, Hawaii

What about visiting Hawaii to swim with the sea turtles? But finding a good spot where to swim with turtles in Hawaii is not as simple.

Know your sea turtles with this brand new illustrated poster on World Turtle Day May). There are 7 extant species- the Loggerh.


Dance with me, With the Byron Bay Turtles in Australia by Cedric Jacquot