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Snow covered Pine trees.

Photo Journal: Winter in Swedish Lapland

Winter in Swedish Lapland. Last winter we headed to the far North, for an adventure along glistening ice covered roads, through snow covered forests and past

The Wholesome Apple in Cookery ... Scandinavian legends affirm that the apple was the favorite food of the gods. It was one of the first fruits grown by the Romans; it was early introduced into England, and brought from there to America. It is easily cultivated, bears fruit farther north than almost any other, and by means of grafting, almost two thousand varieties have been produced. These facts show in part why the apple stands at the head of all fruits.

15 apple recipes from Fannie Farmer (1913)

1913 Fanny Farmer apple recipes (Dutch Apple Cake is the one I want to try)

Mountain Rose Apples <  Rare Heritage Breed Fruit  An apple a day usually keeps the doctors away, but this rare fruit will bring them running. Mountain Rose Apples are a Japanese heirloom breed, available in extremely limited quantities. Bright red all the way through, even when cooked,

Mountain Rose Apples - Naturally bright rose red throughout, even when cooked, this crisp, firm fruit has a slightly sweet and mildly tart taste. Its aroma of strawberries and cotton candy heightens its dramatic appearance.

cosas locas

20 extrañas frutas que nunca viste

Fruit of the Hala aka Puhala Tree Seed Pod (Pandanus Utilis) The odd looking fruit is a major source of food in Micronesia, especially in the atolls.

Frutas exóticas y bellas - Mangostán

Mangosteen The mangosteen is another evergreen tree that produces oddly shaped fruits. The fruits are purple, creamy, described as citrus with a hint of peach.

Apple of Peru 1575, Seed Pods and Seed Picture , Photo Metaphor and Inspiration…

Apple of Peru Seed Pods and Seed Picture , Photo Metaphor and Inspiration…