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21 Things That Have Happened To Anyone Who Has A Cat

cute foster calico kitten climbs laptop

That's a cute kitty I see on the screen. Think I'll kiss him.


'High-Five Daddy' - Adorable Little Baby Ginger Kitten in a BoxTap the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline friend!

The skin of the Russian Donskoy cat is soft and warm. However, that does not mean they do need protection from too much sunlight exposure...

Amazing Facts You Have to Know About Donskoy Cat

A gorgeous and Long-Limbed Oriental Shorthair.kissing cousin to the Siamese. The breed was founded by out crossing to a DSH to incorporate the different coat colors. There are over 300 different colors, while having the Siamese body type.

Perfect time to run...

Funny pictures about Sound cat logic. Oh, and cool pics about Sound cat logic. Also, Sound cat logic.

Ever catch your cat sleeping scrunched up in a tight little ball or pawing at her litter (before or after using it) and wondered what it means?

Strange cat behaviors explained: not all are strange - but some good explanations

9 Cat Behaviors That Drive Us NUTS... But Makes Us Love Them <3

9 Cat Behaviors That Drive Us Nuts BUT Makes Us Love Them

Best of Cat Shaming (This is my cat, Minion!)

What a surprise!

Want a laugh? Take a look at 20 photos of public cat shaming; each one features a picture of the offending feline and a detailed description of what she did.