That was my fear for a loooong time, LOL!

#hpotterfacts 051

40 kittens were filmed for the decorative plates in Umbridge's office.

Harry Potter

They put it in the extended version! That's why if it's on TV I always watch it<<<WAIT THEY DO?

Emma Watson Made A Good Speech, But This Just Made It Even Better.

Emma Watson Made A Good Speech, But This Just Made It Even Better.

Emma Watson made an amazing speech, but this just made it better

Don't drink poison because she might not be dead. Live for another 9 or so years before you die just to make sure

yes, romeo, you silly boy.

Hpotterfacts Part Two. - Imgur

Hpotterfacts Part Two.

such is life :) Harry Potter

Twilight Photo: I'm Loyal

Differences in Harry Potter by on @deviantART - HAHA I really am a true Potterhead then.

This happens with all movies based on books

Harry Potter

Keep Calm and find those horcruxes Harry

despite his flaws, he-who-must-not-be-named really cares about Harry's education.

I guess Voldemort really did care about Harry. At least Harry's education. But then again, his education gave Harry the skills needed to kill Voldemort.

seriously, stephanie meyer.  seriously. I never really noticed this! @Mehgan McCann @Marissa Harrer @Rebecca Morrison @Holly Johnson

i love twilight. but i never noticed all the same names between twilight and harry potter.

Ava Kandra

Nothing like a bit of Potter humour

Haha!! Too funny!! Though I haven't read Mortal Instruments or Infernal Devices, I do still sometimes get sad that Harry Potter is done.  ...but then I discovered Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus...

Never read the Hunger Games, never heart of The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices, but Twilight was definitely a drunken one-night stand, figuratively speaking. Nailed it exactly, haha.

I don't care what the symbolism was, it hurt.

I cried my eyes out when Hedwig died! I think I preferred the movie version, at least she went out fighting!

Hufflepuff>>> ok this is my entry I'm Canadian so i can't not pin this... I've always said this.

I'm not in Hufflepuff even though I'm Canadian! I'm a ravenclaw! But that is true. Canadians are too nice. Oh I'm sorry for offending this post. I'm sorry I told you I wasn't a Hufflepuff but I was a Ravenclaw. I'm sorry.