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Aino-Maija Metsola

Illustrations inspired by Napakettu print for Marimekko newspaper / Christmas Aino-Maija Metsola

Siniverinen, Design Erja Hirvi for Marimekko

The charming fabric Siniverinen from Marimekko has a playful design with a cat pattern. The fabric is made of heavyweight cotton and fits perfect as a curtain or why not as a fun table cloth


Marimekko Saapaivakirja Teapot, sunrise over rolling hills and trees, a truly wonderfully designed teapot that is always sure to inpress. The Weather Diary collection by Marimekko, designed by illustrator Aino - Maija Metsola, who lives on an Island in

Cocktail- pattern by Jenni Tuominen to Marimekko.

Marimekko Cocktail Grey/Blue/Mustard Fabric Repeat An intoxicating new pattern by Jenni Tuominen, the Marimekko Cocktail Grey/Blue/Brown Fabric draws the eye in with an ingenious balance of chaos and simplicity.

Marimekko, oh, deer.

Marimekko Kaunis Kauris White/Turquoise Mug The newest Marimekko mug features a fancy little forest friend to accompany your morning jolt of caffeine. The Marimekko Kaunis Kauris White/Turquoise Mug is covered in Teresa Moorhouse's 2011 doe-eyed.

marimekko マリメッコ / PIENET KIVET (ピエネットキヴェット) 13060

marimekko マリメッコ / PIENET KIVET (ピエネットキヴェット) 13060