Tutustu kiinnostaviin ideoihin!

Thought you were done wth my Dramatic Ass?! Lol Damn girl you just can't stop yourself from creeping at my page huh... #Creeper #GETALIFE (but unlike you time to hit the sheets bc I LOVE my sleep, I would hate to be caught walking around with Bags under my eyes...)
Ever dated a cheater, liar, sociopath?  You're not alone. Blog post that will make you laugh.
Hahahaha... This truly made me lol .. Darn pintrest  people think that everything I post is bc of them.. WAKE UP, NO ONE wants to be like u EVER!!! I have an amazing life... MY TWO BOYS, a good job, family, our own home, and a relationship I am very happy in, so wake up and stop thinking ur better then everybody !
Here's to you, you fake cunt. :)
Suck it up bitch..you can't be me, beat me, or make me jealous. Cheating whores who run through men like underwear only for what they can get deserve the shyt life throws at them. You're so beneath me you aren't even shyt on my shoes. Rant over..go ahead and stalk away you skank!
B*tch please...
TRUTH!!!! there's always ONE person that thinks EVERYTHING is about HER well BITCH its NOT!