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One day I'll have a cabin with a porch by a lake in the mountains. And one day my husband will jam with his buddies on that porch.

J’adore me donner un thème et faire des recherches sur Pinterest dans le but de trouver de jolies jolies photos. Cette fois-ci je me suis mis dans les oreilles l’excellent album For Emma, Forever Ago de Bon Iver et je me suis mis à chercher des photos qui donnent le goût de partir en voyage. …

40 photos qui donnent le goût de tout laisser tomber et partir en voyage


Johannes Hulsch is a talented 20 years old self-taght photographer and student based in Leipzig, Germany. Johannes shoots a lot of landscape, travel and nature photography. He is currently studies …

Three Rivers Deep | elemental book series "A two-souled girl begins a journey of…

Three Rivers Deep

I sit there drawing and listen to the waves." I shrug and keep drawing he try's to look at it but I hide it " uh-ah" I say ( open rp anyone powers allowed)

Standing Elements

Slow down. There is hardly any more pleasant occupation than just sitting on the dock of the bay :)