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Rollei flex cameras are a great accent for the treasure hunter steampunk outfit. They just have the look without any alterations!, via Karen Doman

Photosphere  c1890 Compagne Française de Photographie, Paris, France. One of the first all-metal cameras, invented by Napoleon Conti 1888. Spring powered hemispherical sector shutter with variable speeds. Attached is a removable reflecting view-finder. This example, serial no 201, for 9x12 cm plates held in double dark slides. from

Any antique camera to add to my collection would be great! Old antique camera…

Camera Kodak Portátil

Super Kodak introduced in was withdrawn in production estimates vary between 714 and 725 being made; 719 is the most common guess.

image008.jpg (583×678)

image008.jpg (583×678)