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Eyjafjallajökull 17.04.2010

Surtseyan type of explosion. The tips of the black cloud are lava bobs reaching up to 200 m hight.

Icebergs – Wonder and Beauty


ice glaciers magnificent - Best cruise in the world is the one to Alaska!

Stop it nature... you're drunk.

Tornado sucks up a rainbow. Probably a once in a lifetime pic INSPO/amazing/Only God could create such Beauty/

Deadly and beautiful at the same time.

[Mount Ararat Eruption, Turkey] Mount Ararat is a snow-capped and dormant compound volcano in the eastern extremity of Turkey. It consists of two major volcanic cones: Greater Ararat, the highest peak in Turkey and the Armenian plateau

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Scary weather over an island

This happened because some poor guy scrimped and saved for his once in a life vacation. It happens every year - Like washing your car only on a bigger scale.