Or Patrick stump or brendon urie or pete wentz

Did someone say the whole one direction family including harry's, niall's louis's liam's and zayn's family?

how talented is he? EXTRAORDINARILY TALENTED.  <<<<<< This is part of why I love him so much.. He's so talented; I'm so proud of him

ed sheeran is the absolute greatest human being on the face of the planet. talent much? i can't even handle his genius. i love mr edward christopher sheeran.

Ed Sheeran. "Just be who you are, because if someone doesn't love you for you, they're not worth it"

But he is the dam cutest human being ever and if anyone ever tries to tell me different they shall regret it!

hehehe... maybe... he doesn't count as a boy band right? Because otherwise, I love his music!

he doesn't count as a boy band right?<<<< He's a solo artist, of course he isn't a boy band!

And that right there ladies and gentlemen is one of a million reasons why I love ed sheeran!

Lesson from Ed Sheeran: Enjoy your process of becoming whoever you become.

How can you not like Ed Sheeran

Shout out to my friend Rylan who I know secretly likes Ed Sheeran but won't admit it.