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Harry potter!
Yes, I bought this too!

Harry potter! Yes, I bought this too!

Aziz Ansari's Marriage Advice

Aziz Ansari's Marriage Advice - CONAN on TBS Totally quoting this on my wedding

Sound financial advice. :) #HarryPotter

haha "speaking as a wizard" way to never break character ron!

Harry Potter Insults

Okay, I don't normally pin these.but this one is just so funny! Don't feel bad, Ryan Gosling cried over dobby in harry potter too

while i was watching this movie a while ago i noticed that Oliver Wood looks like a kid that use to me in my choir class. funny thing, it was this exact same picture i saw when i was thinking it.

holy crap I had such a crush on him for so long! Here Cedric Diggory was supposed to be the Hogwarts Heartthrob, and I couldn't get enough of Oliver Wood. Oh, Sean Biggerstaff. AND I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Harry Potter Pics! (showing 301-350 of 519)

Potterface- can't read my can't read my no he can't read my--- totally just got this song stuck in my head now

I have lots of fandoms and so many things I love, but Harry was the first. And he always will be.

Its when I see pins or posts like this that I am happy that my New Years Resolution is to read Harry Potter

This is seriously the BEST BEHIND THE SCENES EVER! Harry Potter cast having fun!

Harry Potter cast having fun! Mainly awesome because Dumbledore breaks it down. need to watch this at some point. wanted to watch but won't allow on phone. Pinning now to watch on PC later.

Harry Potter - Through the Pensieve (I may have pinned this before, but it is great and needed to be pinned again!)

If you consider yourself a HP fan at all, this video is beyond words. This gave me chills. Every good thing about HP wrapped up on one exquisite vid - Teared up a little. And now I'm ready to watch every movie again.

Women pay taxes on tampons

When the “tampon tax” was a hot topic in the news. Russell Howard Nailed It