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Areaware's Alarm Dock $40

This alarm clock gives your iPhone a gorgeous analog makeover. Docks for the iPad and iPhone are notoriously poor looking. The Alarm Dock from designer Jonas Damon uses wood to convert your iPhone into an alarm clock with retro styling.

Smart alarm clock, which tracks your body movements and wakes you up when it senses you're at the end of your natural sleep cycle

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Remember those old, boxy alarm clocks that use to show us the time and wake us up with the obnoxious alarm? The Retro Beech Wood iPhone Alarm Clock Dock lets you merge that classic look with today's hi-tech gadgets, and you get to

Vas a amar todos y cada uno de ellos. 1. Una linda cartera donde puedes conectar tu celular. 2. Jamás olvidarás tus llaves con este llavero-cargador que se recarga con energía solar. Increíble para tener batería donde sea. 3. Un cargadador que funciona con energía eólica. ¡Súper ecológico! 4. Esta pulsera se recarga por medio …

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iphone dock color changing Etsy & Nordstrom present: Dock Artisan Repurposed Oak Whiskey Barrel iPhone 5 Dock

Madera iPhone altavoz / soporte ninguna electricidad por addco

Wooden iPhone Speaker / Stand - NO Electricity needed Makes a great Graduation gift


The Horn-A-Phone - iHorn -- Large Brass Acoustic Speaker Upright Horn Dock -- Acoustic Speaker System Docking Station ,Walnut - Patina on Etsy,

Passive speaker for iphone on Industrial Design Served

Inspiration for a steampunk iPhone stand that could use a gramophone to amplify the speakers Passive speaker for iphone by taesoon hyun, via Behance

wooden shleving. scaffale di legno #shelving Chuck est un concept d’étagère murale stupéfiant, réalisé par la designer allemande Natascha Harra-Frischkorn.

Chuck par Natascha Harra-Frischkorn

Chuck by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn. Chuck is an amazing concept of wall shelf, made ​​by the German designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn . The set consists of six wooden planks thick, which can be adjusted to accommodate small collections of books or o

Alarm Dock for iPhone

iPhoneが卓上目覚まし時計になるドック【Alarm Dock

Rest your phone on this Alarm Dock at night and wake up to an alarm clock in the morning. The Alarm Dock, with it's a nostalgic look, meets the progressively

10 Cool And Gorgeous Accessories Every Pool Should Have #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/pool-accessories#slide3  If your pool also hosts a garden, tune into your favorite station and just veg out with the veggies with this durable radio.   Swansea Beach Radio, $39.99, available at Anthropologie.

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SUNNYLIFE, SWANSEA BEACH RADIO: also functions as speakers for ipods/phones which can be placed on the inside. Milsaps Hibbs- for the beach! And by beach I mean Montauk

We already rely on our iPhone to wake our ass up in the morning, so shouldn’t we at least make it look like a presentable alarm clock? Right now, the chord dangles loosely on our nightstand only held in place by the remains of a nightcap and a short stack of Blu-rays. For a more distinguished presentation of the only thing keeping you from showing up six hours late for work, hook your iPhone up in The Clock Dock. Available in cherry, maple and walnut. $49

The Clock Dock

Stump Industries' Clock Dock (maple) handmade in Portland, Oregon . all natural wooden dock for your iPod/iPhone

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"Honey I'm home!" key rack concept by two talented industrial design students: Malorie Pangilinan and Luz Cabrera. -- The firm keyring fob would be difficult to misplace and so easy to hang up.

organic modern retro Clock $40 (before discount) - iPhone 5 Alarm Clock Dock via Urban Outfitters

Shop AREAWARE iPhone Alarm Clock Dock at Urban Outfitters today. We carry all the latest styles, colors and brands for you to choose from right here.