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Could do without the nose ring, though. >>> {kitten kisses} men that love kittens are swoon-worthy.

Minik the Wonder Cat

Minik the Wonder Cat. LOVE special needs kitties! I love that kitties with no eyes act just like any other!

Boston in disguise.

Here are funny photos of Boston Terrier dogs. Browse and look at funny photos with Boston Terriers. Send your funny Boston Terrier photos!

อเมริกัน ชอร์ตแฮร์ (American Shorthair) สืบเชื้อสายมาจากประเทศในแถบยุโรป ช่างสงสัย ชอบเล่น ฝึกค่อนข้างยาก  สมุดบันทึกสีขาว 'ㅅ' (@mini_kabu) | Twitter

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Baxter looks rather debonaire in his houndstooth beret, don’t you agree? #greypoupon

I love this cat - the shop on Etsy uses him/her all the time - look at that face - and he/she sits still for this! Houndstooth sectioned Beret with Pompom for Cat by CatAtelier,

To own a little pot belly pig

The reality of never being able to own a pet pig anytime soon kills me so much. Pigs are gods greatest creation. Having a piggy will make me/life complete. Ugh the struggles of not being able to have a pig.

Haha, cats got shaved uggs, Omfg, lol!!!!

shawty had them apple bottom jeans, boots wit da fur. this cat is definitely shawty.