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Hahahaha laughed out loud at this. I said this to my brother ALL the time!!!

kid - I thought it was girls go to mars get candy bars and boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider

Hahaha! See mom, skinny jeans are all good!

Dear mom

Funny pictures about Dear mom. Oh, and cool pics about Dear mom. Also, Dear mom photos.

Relatable blog.. ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring i can relate, quotes, words, text and funny

my life is a bunch of short naps strung together by long work periods.

Me every time i show my friends pictures of the character I have a crush on.

"He's cute, I swear. Let me find a better picture. How many times have single ladies heard this from their friends trying to set them up on dates.

Oh, you posted a pic of your alcoholic drink of Facebook – tell me more about your magnificent social life

I'm so guilty of this! But I absolutely have a magnificent social life!

Haha...one of my embarrassing moments... :D

That embarrassing moment when you realize that person wasn't waving at you.

Haha :)

I did this the other weekend.except replace "monsters" with "zombies." Someone was shooting off and I thought, "What if those are rifles? What if it's zombies?" This is why I choose not to watch scary movies! :) I've got "scary" covered.

Funny childhood memory !

30 of the Funniest (Non-LDS related) Memes From the Past Week

As a kid, I used to talk into the fan to hear my robot voice. Who didn't do this as a kid?

I actually do this on road trips XD "Don't change lanes! Wait, where are you going, friend?