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Diary of a Mad Woman

I will NOT calm down.I will raise hell and break shit.


Where's My Mama? - Abandoned Baby Bulging Eyes in a Shopping Cart at Walmart - Funny Pictures at Walmart

Oh my god

23 People Who Have Absolutely No Chill

Look At This Haircut A Father Gave His Son For Not Behaving~~You go DAD! Parenting done right!

Funny shit!!

The merm = mullet + perm.new hair idea! Lol don't need the perm just straighten the back.

I love him

Funny Confession Ecard: I love him. and by love I mean of the time I don't want to punch him in the throat. This is very true!

Baby Elephant

"Baby Elephant with exercise ball: this is probably how I look when I exercise with my fitness ball. But if I had an exercise ball I probably wouldn't look this cute!

Paranoid Parrot

A Paranoid Parrot meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

shark photobomb | photobomb-meme-lol-funny-pictures-shark-its-shark-week250.jpg

Funny pictures about Turn a number one into a number two. Oh, and cool pics about Turn a number one into a number two. Also, Turn a number one into a number two.


Live Like It's Your Birthday! Or as Alice does Celebrate Your "Un- Birthday" it happens 364 days a year! I love an un-birthday!

Your child is being eaten by a camel. Do you... a) save your child or  b) take a picture.

Priorities First - Take a picture and Save your child from being eaten by camel.Tags: funny images, lol happens, funny troll pics, priorities first, child eaten by camel.

I'm looking at MORE than your kid's privates, people! Ugh.

Making sure your kid has a brain & their heart is growing INSIDE their chest wall before telling you what you're having thank you very much.