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Nothing quite as delightfully precious as a sleeping puppy with a pink nose and toes :)

I want one...

Cant wait to raise a pit bull one day" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Beautiful white pit bull... EARS!! ♥♥

"Least Likely To Be Adopted" Project NYC-based photographer and artist LaNola Stone wanted to help her local animal shelter, so she created this photography series of the dogs who had been at the shelter for the longest time.

Pittbull puppy and adult

Pitbull mama and her pup. Mama looks sad and the pup looks like it is thinking, "But I love you, Mom!

almost there.... well we are there but I have to work the weekend anyway - so it's still good it's friday!

Almost Friday Soooo close ladies! Time to start our stretching for all the dancing tomorrow. 😜 have a great day and 😘 Good morning givemesumsugar ! Yay yay yay for almost Friday! Have a great day, beautiful! Not close enough.

Oh My....  Could these friggin' little things get any more cuter?  Just awwwweeee...

Some things are so cute I am overwhelmed.puppy butt is one of them!