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"a miniature cow!" (this is clearly a baby cow. but i know one city person who thought baby cows were mini cows)

I love cows! My dad grew up with cows, and bulls that were SUPER friendly! They would play tag with him and everything! That's how I hope my future cows are!

Using nurse cows can be a money saving way to raise and feed dairy calves. Here are some tips for making it work at your place.

Things To Have BEFORE You Get A Milk Cow" Excellent tips and information on basic kit that should be kept in the barn. These things are also good for other livestock.

i think this looks like a sad cow calf. i would give so much love and care to my baby cow, you have no idea. i would raise the most cutest, sweetest domestic cows evarrr. never would they grow out of their baby stage. MY cows will be happy cows :)

Mom and baby cow. Really people its called a cow and calf! City slickers Mom and baby sounds just right for me :-)

Developed and used for medical research or as a pet, a miniature pig is also known as a micro pig or a teacup pig. These poor little animals have made headlines

Internet, there is a new meme among us. It is beefy. It is fluffy. Its name is Well, technically, the thing shou.

That's one sweet baby cow

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