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I will

Personally Thank a Firefighter. Or NYC Police Officer

I wish myself good luck with this one 'cause I'm single as a pringle

Have a relationship that lasts successfully for at least a year or 40 would be nice

Kinda the point of some of my other bucket list

For the longest time ive been wanting to go so many places. I dream about places I will go.

I'm obsessed with him and Hell's Kitchen. I'd love to taste his handiwork!

I didn't expect his name to be spelled like Ramsay that looks like Ramzay or Ram-say I thought it would be like Ramsey but whatever that's cool too, Ramsay! And I love Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef!

I need one of these

Our greatest trips are the unplanned ones to unknown destinations! Justin just starts driving and wherever we end up, we discover new things and have the most fun! Love our Road Trips!

Start smiling more (:

I smile a lot! People say they never see me without a smile on my face, but most of time more the most it's fake. I want to be able to smile all the time and mean it😊

Bucket list

I have always wanted my first kiss to be with the perfect boy, under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve! I'm not going to let it happen any other way. Even if it means waiting forever

Shop anywhere in Japan, yes please!


Inspiring image before i die, japan, tokyo - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Bucket List #77

have a luxurious bathroom in my future house.must have a jacuzzi bathtub, a double headed walk-in shower, and his/her sinks with a huge walk-in closet attached. Everyone dreams, right?

Totally going to do this when I move out and get the $$$$$$$$

Before I die - Adopt a teacup yorkie. Coop is the sweetest little one I could ever hope for!