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Biography of Susanna Juhantytär Riihivuori : Titanic Victim

Isidor, Ida, and the Night of the Titanic Sinking On the night of the disaster, as the call to board the lifeboats went out, Isidor escorted Ida to Lifeboat 8 and prepared to say goodbye to her. Ida, however, refused to enter the small boat, saying, “We have lived together for many years. Where you go, I go.”

*ISIDOR & IDA STRAUS ~ owners of R. Macy & Co., died on the ship. Ida refused to get on a lifeboat without her husband and insisted that her newly employed maid, Ellen Bird, take her place.

Not very full … :(  Titanic Survivors, 1912, OMG  (Apparently the women tried to get the "men" to go back and help people but they refused. )

Titanic survivors on way to rescue ship Carpathia. It was taken in Group of people in a lifeboat.

Of Titantic Fame ..The “Unsinkable” Molly Brown, a name she was never called during her lifetime. Maggie Brown had always planned to marry a rich man, but instead married for love. Luckily for her, her husband J.J. struck it rich as a mining engineer. She was involved in the suffragist movement in Colorado and was a great philanthropist in Denver, but she’s best known for convincing the crew of Lifeboat #6 to turn around and look for survivors when the Titanic sank.

MARGARET TOBIN BROWN aka "The Unsinkable Molly Brown (Titanic survivor, the only woman to row a lifeboat to safety, fiercely argued w/ the quartermaster Robert Hitchens to rescue people in the water. When he refused she threatened to throw him overboard)

First Class passenger Algernon Barkworth was a Justice of the Peace and was travelling to America for the first time. He dived into the water as Titanic started to sink and managed to get into a lifeboat that had overturned. He survived and was picked up, first by another lifeboat and then by the Carpathia.© Getty

Algernon Henry Wilson Bankworth survived by putting on a heavy fur coat and life jacket, which buoyed him. He eventually pulled himself onto an overturned lifeboat. More than of the aboard the Titanic died.

David Blair could thank White Star line corporate red tape for saving his life. He had been appointed as second officer of the Titanic, sailing with her during her sea trials, and making the trip from Belfast to Southampton. But he was not on board when the Titanic set sail for America. It is thought that the White Star line wanted Chief Officer Henry Wilde to have experience aboard a ship (the Titanic) he might someday captain, so Wilde was transferred from the Olympic to the Titanic, and…

David Blair was transferred at the last minute to the Olympic. He left with the key to the crow's nest telephone and had left his binoculars in his room on the Titanic.

Steerage passengers settling on the deck of the Titanic. 1912. Photo taken by Father Browne, SJ who disembarked in Ireland.:

Taken by Father Browne SJ show a glimpse of what things were like before the ship went down.Passengers from steerage settle on deck aboard the Titanic.

My Grandmother, Anna Turja Lundi's Titanic Experience

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Titanic onnettomuus 14.4.1912 - Kuuntele pelastuneen Anna Turjan haastat...

Titanic onnettomuus 14.4.1912 - Kuuntele pelastuneen Anna Turjan haastat...

R.M.S. TITANIC: The only known letter written on

A letter written on board the Titanic hours before it sank sold for in Henry Aldridge of Devizes’ sale of Titanic collectables on April

Aft grand staircase dome: Decorated like the forward grand staircase dome featured in the movie Titanic, the aft grand staircase led down to the deluxe a la carte restaurant, allowing patrons to arrive in style. (Copyright 2012 RMS TITANIC, INC; Produced by AIVL, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

National Geographic features new images of the unseen Titanic

The Titanic's aft grand staircase dome. Decorated like the forward grand staircase dome featured in the movie Titanic, the aft grand staircase led down to the deluxe a la carte restaurant, allowing patrons to arrive in style.

History In Pictures ‏- Rare photo shows a priest praying over Titanic victims before they are buried at sea. 1912 What would the world be like if RMS Titanic hadn't sunk

A haunting photograph showing victims of the Titanic disaster being buried at sea has been uncovered. In the photo, two men can be seen dropping a victim over the side of the recovery ship, the CS Mackay Bennett.

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Artifacts from the Titanic are displayed in the Titanic: Artifact Exhibition at the Metreon on June 2006 in San Francisco, California.