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"I don't remember you," Delaney confessed. "I don't remember anything about my life," "Don't worry, I remembered everything you forgot.

Narcissists thrive on people who look the other way. Don't forget  | emotional vampires

"to forgive and forget means you are enabling someone you shouldn't. narcissists thrive on people who continue to turn the other cheek".I will never forgive you.

There are so any different types of abuse, just because they never laid a hand on you.. Doesn't mean they didn't abuse you. You'll make it

Illustrations by Singapore-based designer and illustrator Budi Satria Kwan. Budi enjoys creating the great graphics for t-shirt and prints.

Types of verbal abuse range from full on anger to forgetting on purpose. Even the silent treatment is a type of verbal abuse! Verbal abusers use several other sneaky tactics to abuse and control their victims, too. Recognizing the types of verbal abuse is the first step to overcoming its effects and regaining your mental health.

Recognizing types of verbal abuse is a valuable skill because if you cannot recognize abuse as it happens, you will not be able to control how you reacte to it.

“Of all the things trauma takes away from us, the worst is our willingness, or even our ability, to be vulnerable. There's a reclaiming that has to happen.”  ― Brené Brown, Rising Strong

Of all the things trauma takes aways from us, the worst is our willingness, or even our ability to be vulnerable. There's a reclaiming that has to happen.

so wish I was allowed to open my mouth on some stuff

I will not stay silent. I will speak out and speak up. I will be an advocate for equality, for women, for children, and for the voiceless. Because it's the right thing to do.

...don't you dare ever feel guilty ❤❤❤

“We are told to love people unconditionally, but sometimes we must get rid of people unconditionally. Some toxic people just keep slithering and oozing in through the cracks in your resolve; they refuse to respect your boundaries.

"Que pena q tu des pena" Entre todas las personas de excelencia q he conocido la unica diferente es la q da pena... Definitivamente se nota q no tiene nocion de absolutamente algo q se llama "real life"

The most dangerous liars are those who think they are telling the truth. We all need truth in our life. Along with faith, hope and love. Be bold and be a positive role model for a student, kid or young adult. You can make a difference in someone's life!

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I know I hurt you but you walked away left me broken, like nothing was ever real between us. I know I hurt you a lot and sorry won't cut it anymore I know!

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Until we have seen someone’s darkness we don’t really know who they are. Until we have forgiven someone’s darkness, we don’t really know what love is.

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Your too sensitive . I like who I am, so I will Remove the toxic people in my life. It's a shame when so called "family" are ignorant.

I'm the kind of girl who tries to avoid drama at all costs, but why is it that I make so many friends that crave it?

You hate me because of made up situations in your own head. They aren't reality. But whatever, you needed a reason to justify your hate for me. couldn't have people knowing you hate me for no reason.

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When someone treats you like an option, help them narrow their choices by removing yourself from the equation. it’s that simple. I did and I feel so much better for it!

this is a very good quote! I have to remember this one if theirs a next time,

Finally seeing that the best thing to do is limit contact. Don’t try to explain or rationalize with a narcissist. Just leave closed ended responses.

Yes it will❤❤❤

Always. If you treat me well, I'll be nice to you and I won't have an attitude. Of you treat me badly, I can be a real b-word. It all depends on how you treat me.