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Harry Potter - Harry, Dudley, Ginny, Lily Luna, James Sirius and Albus Severus

Loved it but confused by the kid bit. James then Albus THEN Lily. They said lily was three and the third was on the way. And why were they laughing about Effie?

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Yeah, so everyone's talking about this one scene right? SO AWKWARD. But one thing more awkward than George walking in on Harry and Ginny kissing would be for h.

Of course Lily gets detention in her first year!  She's Ron's daughter after all and shares Fred and George's bd. There's still that part of Hermione in her though...

Okay, really awesome headcannon and all, but how the effing hell did she find that stone when Harry dropped it.deep in the Forbidden Forrest. Like, DEEP.

This has always bothered me. I feel like if other people ruin their relationship with you then you should always assume it's their loss. I get why Lily would be upset. I'm sorry I don't find this acceptable. James and Lily should have fun on their wedding it shouldn't be depressing and sad. What the hell!

I have seen a lot of sad Harry potter posts, and there are lots of posts that I comment on saying I'm crying, but this is one of few that has actually made me cry.

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