Yarn bombing- they've got these all over Seattle. A truly wonderful way to bring a litter color and joy into the lives of passersby. :)

- Livermore, CA - The 'Downtown Tree Sweater Forest' will benefit the Valley Humane Society.

Rocky statue, which unfortunately gets more visitors than the Philadelphia Museum of Art (just footsteps behind it).

It always shocks me to see the line forming in front of the rocky statue and hearing them wonder what the big building behind it is.

yarn book

Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti by Mandy Moore, Leanne Prain - Really neat book. I love the whole idea of yarn bombing. This book shows some really awesome examples.

Yes Olek is crocheting UNDERWATER. And yes, the yarn is biodegradable.

Olek's Underwater Yarn Bomb

Olek, aka the bad girl of yarn bombing who doesn't consider herself a yarn bomber, is in the middle of controversy again. Last week, she wrapped pieces in Cancun’s Underwater Museum with her signature camo-graffiti…

Have you heard of yarn bombing?  It's a kind of "street art," like graffiti, only with yarn rather than spray paint.  Essentially, it involves creating legwarmers or sweaters for street signs, parking meters, and mailboxes.  Even bridges and buses have been bombed.  The New York Times described yarn bombing "tak[ing] that most matronly craft (knitting) and that most maternal of gestures (wrapping something cold in a warm blanket) and transfer[ing] it to the concrete and steel wilds of the…

Yarnbombing installations by Streetcolor on the streets of Berkeley , Oakland , Ca. , and Paris France 2010 to 2012 . Photos by Streetcolor .

covered in yarn!  and that looks to be a pretty big tree too.

25 Amazing Yarn Bombs

A tree covered in yarn! and that looks to be a pretty big tree too. Hours and hours knitting away.

Artículo de 'The Huffington Post' (versión española) donde se recopilan 25 cuentas artistas en Instagram que vale la pena visitar y seguir. Entre los cuales se encuentra Yoko Ono.

25 artistas a los que seguir en Instagram (FOTOS)

Craftivismo: otro mundo es posible... Con aguja e hilo [Img #5398]

KNIT TANK: Speaking of pink tanks, Marianne Joergensen covers the fearsome military machines with cute knitted blankets, making an unusual art statement

Bike Lock Yarn Bomb ❥ 4U // hf

Bike Lock Yarn Bomb

purple-rose-emporium: “ This public velocipede sculpture in Palo Alto, California was cleverly yarn bombed by Knits for Life with a beautifully crocheted bike lock.

Yarn bombing. Gets better every step.

stairs, yarn bombing and grafitti knit image on We Heart It