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I love these PotterFacts.

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029 After the battle, Hermione and Ron never slept in seperate beds - only if Ron was away on a mission did they sleep seperatly. And when they did, she would wear his Weasley jumper.

Rose decidió huir de casa cuando tenía 5 años porque Hugo estaba atrayendo toda la atención. Lo que peor llevó Ron, fue que pensaba ir a casa del Tío Harry, no que pensara huir. Cuando Hermione desizo su maleta, descubrió que estaba llena de...

When my baby brother came I wanted to run away too

Romione <3

Ron and Hermione :,)

More Romione Facts (head canons). The images were made by me but the facts are from ronhermioneotp.tumblr

More Romione Facts (head canons). Although whenever I picture Rose, I always see her with brown hair, just like Hermione, but also because she kind of stood out from the other Weasley's. I see her as a young Ginny (book version)

I don't ship it but this is cute

this would've been adorable. This is a head canon (stuff that never actually happened, but people like to think did). Well I think they actually did

Romione Facts - harry-potter Fan Art

Romione Facts - harry-potter Fan Art im going to cry

HEADCANNON not accepted I think it'd be like Molly's if this were true, and go from Hermione to Harry

This is the cutest thing ever, especially if you consider how incredibly afraid he was of spiders. When I read the book I imagined it and it was like WOW already but then I watched the movie.

Thinking of someone hurting Lily makes me want to punch the thing nearest me. Watch out Pillows! I wish at least one of my brothers was older than me!

Rose, Molly and the rest all helped, and sent dirty glares and spells towards him Thinking of someone hurting Lily makes me want to punch the thing nearest me. Watch out Pillows! I wish at least one of my brothers was older than me!


a kiss on the forehead

I made the images but the facts belong to ronhermioneotp.tumblr.

124 Ron bought Hugo a new broomstick when he learned he got "Wingardium Leviosa" on his first try.

Hermione, mudblood? No! Pureblood, she was the purest friend to Harry, a friend that would never leave Ron, his otter to be chased, loving friend to Ginny, smart lady who achieves her goals, the one trusted by Dumbledore to go back in time, Ron said "we wouldn't last 2 days without her!", the person who fought for Harry's life and all of Hogwarts, truly she is not a mudblood! She is a pureblood! Pure in heart!

Ron and Hermione. Might not want to call Hermione Mudblood around Ron…

Mind. Blown. i love how connected and intertwined everything is in harry potter, no matter how little

This is clearly untrue, in both the movie and books. C& you gullible people.

Romione Facts - harry-potter Fan Art

Ron and Hermione are awesome.

Harry Potter Head Canons. IM CRYING HELP DX

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