pretty eye make up to go with an attempt at pretty hair: turquoise, brass, charcoal liner. Now I just need to get some mascara for the first time in over a year :)

How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup? - Top 10 Tutorial Pictures For 2017

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chocolate eye shadow

Brown eyeshadows is one of the best types one can go for. Get tips, secrets, how to wear and how to apply brown eyeshadow for truly flattering looks ever.

Love the way the teal pops

Turquoise and brown. My addiction right now: colors! Used a gorgeous teal on my eye the other night, so beautimous!

Purple eyeshadow love

Purple make up for brown eyes. I wouldn't go quite as 'bold' with the under eye makeup and maybe not so many layers, but purple, done like this, on brown eyes is stunning.

Linda make rosa e lilás...

pink is a hard color to work with, in my opinion. and this exemplifies a pretty look using pink! the purple is a nice accent!

Purlple eyeshadow look added a little bit of brown to blend it up and out to the brow bone

Matte lavender eyeshadow mixed with bronze in the crease. Purple always nice with brown eyes