SKUBB Laatikko - turkoosi  - IKEA

SKUBB Box IKEA Handle on one side makes the box easy to pull out. All three boxes fit side by side in a 100 cm wide wardrobe frame.

SAMLA Caja con tapa - 28x20x14 cm/5 l - IKEA

SAMLA Caja con tapa, transparente

SAMLA Box with lid IKEA See-through; The lid protects the contents and makes the box stackable.

DJURPARK Funda nórdic/almoha cuna barrotes IKEA

IKEA - DJURPARK, Crib duvet cover/pillowcase, , Made of cotton and lyocell, both natural materials that are soft against the skin. Lyocell absorbs and transports moisture away and maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature all night long.

IKEA - ISBERGET, Soporte para tablet, , La superficie está inclinada para que puedas sentarte y tener la pantalla a la altura de los ojos.

ISBERGET Soporte para tablet, blanco

IKEA - ISBERGET, Tablet stand, white , You sit comfortably with the screen at eye level thanks to the tilted surface.You can choose which angle you want for your tablet, as the stand can be used in two positions.Raised edge keeps your tablet in place

Skubb and neat!

SKUBB Bolsa de ropa c/soporte, blanco

SKUBB Laundry bag with stand IKEA Laundry bag in polyester does not absorb moisture or odors from the laundry!

IKEA - KNODD, Cubo con tapa, galvanizado, 40 l, , Como la tapa se queda colgada del borde del cubo, es más cómodo de llenar y vaciar.Se puede colocar en cualquier parte de la casa, incluso en zonas húmedas como el baño o en un balcón cubierto.

KNODD Cubo con tapa, galvanizado

Ten tus estantes en orden con nuestras cajas y cestas - IKEA

IKEA - GLES, Box, Perfect for sports equipment, gardening tools or laundry and cleaning accessories.Stacks to save space when not in use.Easy to lift and carry as the box has recessed handles on two sides.