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Video: a cigar-shaped ereader?  Sikarinmuotoinen e-kirjojen lukulaite ja MP3-soitin?

Video: a cigar-shaped ereader? Sikarinmuotoinen e-kirjojen lukulaite ja MP3-soitin?

A Simple Guide for Any Wizard

A Simple Guide for Any Wizard

How to properly defeat a Middle-Earth antagonist. Seems legitimate. Haha << Only works for the Hobbit and Lotr though.

11 Books Every Woman Should Read This Year

11 Inspiring Reads by Women, About Women to Kickstart Your Year

11 books every woman should read this year. Books written by women, about women, for women. I& always looking for good books to read!

Deckarhatare: kan ni bara lägga av?

Awesome GoodReads infographic about when and why readers abandon books.

Check out these 9 steamy paranormal romance books.

9 Paranormal Book Boyfriends to Fall for This Halloween

Kansainvälisten suhteiden käännekohtia, Soile Varis

Kansainvälisten suhteiden käännekohtia ebook by Soile Varis - Rakuten Kobo

The Giver. Harry Potter. I learned life lessons about love, sacrifice, and (I knew this from Doctor Who but still) that bad laws are made to be broken from The Giver. I refuse to worship Satan, because that's BS. I know that HP is a work of FICTION. It taught me about love, sacrifice, friendship, and what's most important in life. Harry defeats evil, and that's the purpose. I've learned more about life while reading these books than 14 years of school will ever teach me. :)

~Bucketlist ~ To read all of the Tucson School Districts Banned books From Mexican American studies.

Probably my favorite novel of all time.

If the term tour de force didn't yet exist, it would have to be invented for this must-read novel - first chapter alone worth the price of the book

Seriously: this is my favorite Disney movie, barring Bambi, and one of the major reasons is that library. Droooool!

Marry the beast and get that library!--Can I skip the marry the Beast and just go straight to the library?

Sosiaalisessa mediassa muhii muutos

Sosiaalisessa mediassa muhii muutos


True Story: Guys that read are attractive. Seriously, hottest thing ever in my book. So glad my husband reads!