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hahahahahhahahahah my life has been completed :)

he looks like a little boy waiting for the bus on the first day of school! So adorable little Nialler!

"How's your week been?" Too much at once man

"How's your week been?" Too much at once man-- something tells me niall is an uncle

This look

One Direction -- What they're really thinking.I die of laughter everytime i watch this especially at Nialls part "do do do da do manamana"

Guys. CALM DOWN. You're never going to be able to meet them if you're tearing at their clothes and hurting their feeling. This is unnecessary.

liam :( when liam starts cursing you know hes upset poor baby.

Day 10: Favorite picture of Liam. AHH LOOK AT IT!!!! DONT YA JUST WANNA PINCH HIS CHEEKS AWW!!!!!!:):):)

Awwww How cute is this? Liam Is sooooo adorable!