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"Brick the LP" series of album covers recreated with LEGO bricks, by Aaron Savage. (Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon)

Guys. It's a LEGO ATOMIUM. Like, the big molecular structure in Belgium. This is great.

35 Stunning Examples of Lego Architecture

Iconic album covers recreated with Lego blocks.

Iconic album covers recreated with Lego blocks

Dollar bill - Pink Floyd

Dollar bill

publicites creative design aout 2011 (35)

TBWA Costa Rica created these clever ads for LEGO that depict a crossword puzzle, albeit with words replaced by the toy bricks: [via.

Superbacán: Lego nos trae las escenas de películas, más famosas de la historia del cine...

Famous Movie Scenes Created Out of Lego. Alex Eylar is a 21 year-old artist from Oakland, California who creates famous movie scenes using Lego bricks.

Art and Lego. This is what it actually feels to be playing with the damn things – like an artist. // Lego Ads

Can You Name the Original Painting from these LEGO Versions? The Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci

Watchmen by Alan Moore. One of the greatest reads of my short little life.

Watchmen by Alan Moore. "One of the greatest reads of my short little life." Also a Hugo Award winner.

LEGO x Moleskin. Two of my fav products

LEGO x Moleskine Notebooks Collection

LEGO x Moleskine Notebooks Collection: The legend of LEGO bricks joins the legendary notebook for this limited-edition Moleskine ledger

04 - Amsterdam LEGO® art

04 - Amsterdam LEGO® art

So freaking true!  'Where are my keys?  What's that guys name?  When does that show come on?...Somebody told me you had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend I had in February of last year.... shit, where is my cell phone?"

Maybe I should just make names, phone numbers, and stuff I should know for school into songs. Then my memory of things would be more productive.

Pixelated Masterpiece Paintings Out Of Lego

Student Lego Campaign Italian Art Director Marco Sodano has created a series of posters to advertising lego with the concept that all Children are authentic artists with Lego.

Activities for ages 3 to 8. Little engineers will love these 25 LEGO activities. They’re hands-on, motivating ways to practice math, literacy, engineering… even science! So grab your bucket of bricks and get ready for some serious LEGO learning fun. Introduce kids to addition with these awesome LEGO addition cards. Make a batch of clever picture puzzles. // I …

25 Must-Try LEGO Activities

Use LEGO to make an awesome camping lantern for kids! Check out the awesome LEGO building ideas for inspiration for your little LEGO lovers.